Move on down da road….

~38 of 40 domains moved now.

One of the domain updates is locked up due to mis-mastered DNS.

Macrophile is partially moved, too much to go at once.

If you have a vanity domain with me, it may be a day or so to where you can access the files to your domain. Their location will likely change on the directory structure. Contact me individually and I will update you with the specifics.

These changes should not effect mail delivery right now. (That happens tomorrow) If for some reason you run into mail bounces or problems, please contact me and we can get it set back up.

Its interesting how much cruft and suboptimal configs can happen in a decade of usage. I’m finding little sharp points here and there. Hopefully the move should be smooth and invisible to most parties. Let me know if it isn’t.


Server Migration Project

The current server I admin is a bit out of date and underpowered. And the current host has always had a bit of BGP flap. I got a better host quite a while back and have never completed the migration.

Considering the savings on finances, it’s a nice priority now.

Status as of this evening:

– 4 out of 69 shell accounts migrated
– 13 out of 41 domains migrated


– Complete user and domain migration
– Migrate all macrophile shell email to vmail/dovecot.
– Set up webmail / docs for new mail server
– Migrate ~50 dns secondaries to migrate
– Bring up DNS on new machine
– Change NS record from old machine
– Audit NS settings on all domains
– Notify external parties to update they NS settings
– Audit and verify all DB’s, app servers, and global CGIs.
– Integrate historic web stats into current monitoring
– 0 level hardcopy backup

– Virtual macro accounts for sponsorship and email
– Macro wiki
– Admin panels for artist and similar domains
– Further automation

New Headphones.

I need new headphones.

This may not seem like much, but I wear headphones a lot at work. I am not lucky enough to have an “office door” to close and get work done and so very often my headphones are my only refuge to work from. I can often end up wearing them for nearly the whole day.

The trouble is I am also a musician. That means two things: I’m very picky about what I like hearing. And I’m deadly afraid of doing damage to my hearing. Pitch, tuning and tone are all very important when you are a mid-range voice in an orchestra. (Especially when you’re constantly hopping between low brass that play flat by nature, upper winds that usually play sharp for brightness, and string players that are all over the map.)

My current headphones are a set of Grados SR-60‘s. They are and have been a rare bird in headphone circles. They are not sealed (meaning you can hear ambient sound in the room), but do not leak audio that others will hear. They are flat-enough response to mix a recording with (I’ve had to do this in a pinch), but they are not driver-heavy enough to require a separate headphone amp.

Did I mention they only cost around $40-50? When they first came out it was quite a stir to have audiophile-quality for that price. It still is. Oh, and they lay down flat on a desk when taken off.

Considering the heavy usage, I think it says a lot I’ve gotten more than a decade out of this set. The foam is starting to disintegrate. And while I could buy new foam for $10, one of the two cups is unseating from the headband.

AKG and Sennheiser both have bought in some models to compete in the market. The iPod has really helped this. A lot of audiophiles want a headphone for their iPod that doesn’t need a pre-amp. While being rated well, the frequency diagrams don’t really look much better than the Grados.

And then there’s the whole thought of maybe getting a headphone amp for work and getting a really nice set. Lets face it, much like having a nice chair, having a nice set of headphones has helped a lot. Do I want a SR 225 or an AKG K 701 or something.

The site I’m linking to has good reviews but I’ve learned to look at frequency response charts too. Audiophiles can get insane at insisting that things like beechwood knobs on a amplifier are an important sound improvement. And headphones also attract a lot of the DJ and the urban-blaster crowds. None of those folks help, in my opinion. I know I can hear the aliasing in an MP3 file and I want headphones to perform to that level of resolution. It’s just annoying the company you can keep when shopping in the “expensive headphone” markets. I guess I’m what you might call a pragmatic audio snob.

Maybe I should see if someone locally sells the nice stuff and bring a few good CDs by to test.

Oy. The dilbert.

I normally don’t post about work on LJ as a rule. But sometimes life just hands you something you gotta share.

So we’ve had a new management team come in. One of their early moves was to shiv the acting COO and move some folks, like my boss, into situations where they have left.

4 weeks after taking over the new management team just held an all hands. The meeting was important for two points:

  • Showing off a slide of what our core products are and how they are prioritized. – They seemed rather surprised that a basic understanding of our product didn’t exactly wow employees who have worked here for a while.
  • And the new team has identified that integration isn’t happening as well and for some reason “trust” is an issue.

The latter is really common in a tech company from my experience. Never mind what was done to the previous management, tech people tend to judge each other on skills brought to the table. And it takes time to assess each others relative skill and get comfortable with people.

Aside from that observation of mine, the new team talked about how we’re going to fix this. Fluff-speak removed, they solution is to implement the following: regular team status meetings, a company newsletter, a new org chart and some soon to be revealed team building exercises!

Folks were generally underwhelmed by this too.


At previous job, I ended up going through a LOT of resumes. I was basically the first-round filter of resumes for an entry-to-mid-level position. I was tech lead for a half-dozen of such folks and we were fairly regularly going through the hiring process. I was usually the first round interviewer as well.

Some people lie on their resumes. Some people REALLY lie on their resumes. This is not one of those people.

This is one of those persons that well… just fails at resume:

I must stress this is an actual excerpt from a resume. Found at and emphasis added by The daily WTF:

A job in IT. After looking for searching for a job for several months I’m not too particular anymore.

My skill is to understand and finding solutions to problems. My gift is plain intelligence, at the expense of understanding planning and value. I can do the innovative and apparent impossible in programming in to solve a problem, the software being but a tool. The problem is that these innovative solutions may cause other programmers to be somewhat mystified and ticked off resulting in me answering a lot of questions that only s few might be able to understand. This mixed with my lack of ambition results in political suicide. I may not know the exact software you need expertise on. Yet, unknown to you, my basic nature can be used these to solve problems.

The sad thing is I think I worked with this guy back in my DoD contracting days.


Did a half-day at work today. Generally the fever and cold feel gone but I am just out of energy. After work I took about a 4 hour nap. Suckola.

In the mean time, calicougar found a list of industrail-style warnings of baby do’s and don’t’s that seem to remind me of triggur for some reason.

Anyway, about the clip. It’s old enough to remember Calvin Coolidge as President and a whole lot of other historic things.* But I wonder if David Elshwere has ever seen this?

It’s interesting to see just how much leg was shown by the dance girls there. (They’re the Russell Markert Girls, BTW) Apparently grandma and grandpa weren’t quite the prudes you thought they were.

* It’s the first file to feature pre-recorded music. The film also features Paul Whiteman’s band. (The guy who commissioned and performed Rhapsody in Blue) It’s the first film appearance of Bing Crosby. Walter Lantz does some animation in which Oswald the Lucky Rabbit makes a quick appearance, etc.


I think that the worst of it is now over. Starting Tuesday afternoon I had some nasty cough turn into the shivers and shakes of the flu by evening. Normally when I get the cold or flu I’m down for about a day or two, but for this one, Wednesday through Friday this performance repeated in cycles. Downright scary.

I think the thing that is most annoying is that because my job just swapped health-insurance and I do not know the status, is the through of going to a doctor’s office without proof of insurance. Nevermind the additional issue of finding a new GP because we just moved. Oh, and no-one around here believes in scratch-and-dent clinics, so I would have to go to an ER for a frikkin’ cold if my GP was busy.

Thankfully by Saturday I was feeling a little better. The low-grade fever finally broke, and I some of the join and muscle ache subsided. By evening, Sue and I got out of the house for a little bit of careful change of location. By today I am merely “recovering” and feel much much better. I’m a bit annoyed that I lost the weekend as part of this, but am happy to be better.

I tend not to get sick. I think these are the first sick-days I’ve had at work in a long time. I wonder if there was something in PA where the weather kept a small portion of the population sick all winter long that makes it different from out here. There with general cleanliness, good sleep, and a warm coat, you could avoid the seasonal cold.

Out here, in the valley of big-children geeks, it seems that everyone gets it at once. Except for one-guy who was on call, the whole department was out last week. I wonder if the mini-pandemic is just too much for good-health practices to avoid?

In any case, a strong mental note now to get a flu shot this year. Don’t want to deal with this crap again.


I think the part of being sick that sucks the most right now means I have diddley-squat prepared for Sue’s birthday. Even worse, Sue’s the one who is stuck caring for me.

Signs you have a high fever:

Sitting bolt upright in bed and saying in a declamatory voice:

“It was Bubbles. In the conservatory. With the lead pipe.”


Note to self… Feb 1 is FRIDAY.

Sorry for the confusion folks. susandeer‘s b’day is FRIDAY.