Protection from the evil sunbaby

So one of the neat things about burning man for me was the shade structure we built.

A lot of geeky talking about engineering a heavy-duty shade structure

Back from burning man.

And it was incredible. My butt is dragging from lack of sleep. I’ll post more later.


Ever try to be so careful about an emotionally-charged subject that you end up completely out-of-sync with folks on it?

I found out today that an old friend and I have been quietly working from completely different understandings of what was going on and we were pussy-footing around each other about it.

There are times I am just an idiot. Hopefully this can all sort out nicely. I think it will. And hopefully a lot of the confusion will evaporate away an ease things.


I’m so glad that my job and life have smoothed out. This is the last wrinkle. For the first time in years I think I can breathe easy.


So a while back dad sent me a letter explaining his reasoning for leaving mom. It was emotional and direct written to me.

Mom’s lawyer wants all correspondence Dad has sent as part of the pre-divorce prep and negotiations.

So mom has been poking me to send her the letter.

I now have two choices:

* Send the letter full of emotional statements that will cause mom to freak out, go to tears, and be down for weeks, and that will do nothing to help.

* Try to explain the letter is useless and will only hurt and not send it. Which will leave mom imagining what might be in it and probably end in the same emotional spiral.

Never mind the whole question of trust of sharing a private communication versus the implications of not sharing it.

This will not be fun.


I’ll be out of town for a bit. I need to clear my head and there is this thing in the blacrock desert about charred flesh or burning man or something…

Lots of cleanup left, but now with head and canopy

Chrystler bandwidth

So I drove out with a few coworkers to empty the secondary data center of useful equipment and bring it back here.

It was a rather droll 2-hour ride out to Sacremento, and then unracking stuff worth a lot of money, loading it into my minivan with blankets and towels, and driving it back to the office in San Jose.

Amongst other equipment, I drove back 20 TB of disks in the form of 3 big drive trays of 500 GB SATA drives.

It took me two hours to drive back.

20 terabytes in 2 hours is an average transfer rate of 10 terabytes in an hour. Converting bytes to bits and hours to seconds, that’s about 23,301.689 megabits per second. (22.75 gigabits per second)

A T1 data lines is 1.544 megabits per second.

So thusly my 1998 Chrystler minivan has the bandwidth of more than 15,091 T1 lines. (Or about 2.3 OC192 connections – Or about 23 concurrent gigabit ethernet connections)

It’s just that the latency is a little high.

NB: This bandwidth estimate excludes my iPod disk. 🙂


An hour-long self-bio by Tom Lehrer recorded for the BBC. (13 MB mp3)

Apparently, due to royal interest and general humor culture, his music was better received in England than here.

Lots of fun background and tidbits.

And I sure hope you know who Tom Lehrer is….


What do you mean they made a tiger lunchbox and called it Benny!?

Benny Munchler – insulated lunch bag

Nosing around the bits.

So as I mentioned yesterday, more servers and mail fun. Today I moved my fathers domains. (He runs two websites, one for each boat he served in. He’s also started a convention for one of the two boats. It’s fun to swap convention ideas and experiences with him based on Anthrocon.)

This is the first set of domains and mail accounts, other than myself and Sue, that have been peeled off the old machine and moved to the new. The name and web translation is absolutely seamless, of course. (Worse case scenario for a few cached domain servers is the site seems to be www2 instead of www.) But this will be the first time I have externally moved someone to the new mail service.

I’m hoping this works out well.

late night ramble about how I’ve confirmed that sendmail blows and postfix doesn’t