Just put together a slightly ghey lion icon for drleo:

Show that thang!


More stuff for folks to use. This one might be of interest to any artist who uses legal size or similar paper.

I have a giant beast of an old-school scanner. The HP ScanJet 4P. This is one of those bullet-proof monsters that cost a fair chunnk of change.

Scan’s at 300dpi optical, 1200dpi interpolated.

Document bed is 8.5 x 14 in (216 x 356 mm)

It has the usual HP drivers and ability for OCR and all that. This was also the big-bed model that you could get document feeders for to do large amounts of OCR conversion.

It’s dimensions are about 4.65 in x 18 in x 23 in (188 mm x 457 mm x 585 mm) and it is a SCSI scanner.

If you want it, reply! 🙂

Thud .. thud .. thud .. thud

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning with a massive splitting headache.

I’m sitting here staaring at my work and tyring to convince myself I should type.


Sept 11

Happy Birthday Bro!


Some of you folks may recall in a previous post I talked about the old console radio being rebuilt into our home music and media system. There has been progress.

Cut for moderate length and several small pictures

Birthday stuff and music.

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who wished me well on my brithday or surprised me with a gift or present.

For some of you I am already plotting appropriate revenge.

It’s been a long few days. Busting my butt for work. Mental lockage isn’t fun.

At least I got some time to do work on the macro pages. The new pages now block naughty images from unregistered eyes, and there’s a new story section.

And I have no idea why, but this recording (7.6MB MP3) of Duke Ellington’s “Flaming Youth” has been stuck in my head. I think it’s because the bass line is so prominent and the double-time run back up at the end of the pattern is such a fun groove.

And now, out of only kindness, it can be stuck in your head too.

Ah well. Zonky. Better posts later.


Birthdays are fun events. It’s when you get a chance to make someone’s day nice. And there’s the presents too. There’s nothing quite like finding a dang good gift for someone and getting it to them on the right day.

The past few weeks, months, and years have been rather stressful for me. I’ve let some things slide and I realize that birthdays is one of them. So I tried to turnover a new leaf and revivie being good about them.

Most recently in the local area was astor_apatasaur‘s birthday. There was some interesting fun back and forth with timing due to family and location to get everyone in on it, but we got a BBQ and cake together for him. Folks dropped by, hung out, and were friends. Was a good B’day.

Sue and I organized the gathering and got the food. And we also snagged Astor a nice bottle of goodness. Folks brought other stuff in and there were sketches. Was good.

I also learned that kutztowndragon is like a native firegod or something. He cooked something like 18 burgers on about 5 bricks of charcoal via some magical slow-cooking-dragon-fire-conservation method powered by beer or something.

Thursday Fun Music

Ok. So there are a few positions to hold the violin in. Under the chin is the classical style. Down in the arm is the bluegrass and fiddle style. And you might even poke around occasionally and hold it in your lap like an old violin de gamba.

And maybe if you’ve played a lot you’ve gotten bored once or twice and plucked a pizzicato with the other hand. Even with all that, this is in another league. Ignoring the silly outfit and the trick shoes, what is going on here is sheer musical acrobatic skill. Put on some headphones to listen closely to the audio if you want, but watch carefully. He’s playing all of this. It’s psychotic after you get into the main tune at 1 minute in.

Very work safe and just amazing.

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Miguel the Ranch Midget beers Bennie and in a tiny little midget voice says, “Dude.”

You say, “Morning Miguel. Beer for breakfast, again?”

Oryx notes that Miguel is still here…

You say, “and?”

Oryx says, “He hasn’t been evicted yet :)”

You say, “Haven’t you been told? Miguel went to AA. Because he’s seeking treatment for his problem it would be a violation of the ADA to fire him now. Nevermind the whole headache of negotiating with the “little peoples” union.”

Miguel the Ranch Midget whickers, “I’m sorry, Bennie. I don’t know anything about that.”

You say, “That’s ok Miguel. We know you’re working on getting better. Thanks for trying, Miguel.”

Miguel the Ranch Midget whickers, “You’re welcome, Bennie. If you need me, I’ll be right here.”

Happy Birthday!

Man it’s been a busy day, but I just wanted to make sure I popped in to give a shout out:

Happy Birthday to everyone’s fave canuck wolf: cashewlou!!!