Ten Dollar Startups

What was the last thing you spent $10 on? Lunch maybe? On a cheap day?

For me, sometimes the hardest problem I have with a business or project idea is
getting it started.

Getting started means mentally investing myself in comitting to something. The
shadow of the unknown looms large and is quickky aided by the little brothers of
desapair and doubt. Desapir that you would be unable to complete anything and
doubt that you have the time or ability. Quickly you dismiss the idea as worthless
or you put it off to later.

I never realized how much not-starting was hurting me until one day I realized
that when I did not start an idea, I would forget it. And to forget an idea is to
lose my own creativity.

The mental escape from this problem is to realize that ideas are vaulable, and
that often starting them on the internet, costs practically nothing. At wose,
I’ve invested in a domain name: a whole ten dollars in cost.

So I now try to start all my ideas. I find that working on something is the best
way to figure out if it is a good idea or not. So without further explanition,
excuses, attributions, or expactorations, here are my $10 startups:

(Unamed) Domain Registrar – Basically a “no upsell” DNS registrar. The whole point of the site is to charge a basic fee, quickly and easily. With ABOSLUTELY no upsells. Try to make it as dead simple as possible, like Twilio. Offer an API. Default everything to renew with easy cancellations. Possibly offer other services such as secondary DNS for cheap.

Yals.Net (http://www.yals.net/)
– Probably my oldest $10 startup idea. A place where I dump good tech answers
and hints as I find and use them. I think I was kicking around this idea
as far back as 1996.

Harmony Clarinet Association (http://www.harmonyclarinet.org/) –
A site that categorizes, reviews, and rates clarinet choir repitoire.
Preferrably with scratch recordings of each piece.
Reference library of harmony clarinet parts. Possible news and education. Fingering charts. Etc.

(Unnamed) Community Band Site – A site that helps community music
groups create their own web site. Preferrably with the ability to accept new
domains, do mailings, clean mailing lists, etc.

Artist Patronage Service (http://aps.crescendo.net/)
– Probably my second oldest idea. Circa 2000. A site that allows artists to post
work in progress over time to various levels of patrons.

(Unnamed) Address Cleaner – A website that does its best to let you
upload and standardize postal mailing lists.

(Unnamed) Sound Effects – A site of freely recorded or near-free sound